realtime polymerase chain reaction (Real-Time PCR), also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is a molecular biological laboratory technique based on the process of polymerisation of nucleic acids chains. As opposed to conventional PCR, Real-Time PCR features the ability of monitoring of amplification process during the polymer genesis. Detection of PCR products is based on use of probes representing oligonucleotides marked with fluorescent molecules.  Detection of products manifests only in case of hybridisation of the marked probe and complementary target sequence of interest.

DNA binding colour gets attached to all the double DNA strands which leads to fluorescence of that colour. Each cycle of PCR reaction increases fluorescence in parallel with increase in PCR product. Detection of the signal coming from the probe will happen only if the target DNA contains a sequence complementary with the sequence of the probe. In this manner, a high specificity of the process itself is provided even under conditions where another ds DNA is present which Is not of interest. By use of several colours marking the probes, it is possible to simultaneously make several tests and thus detect different target sequences in one experiment.

There are numerous applications of Real-Time PCR in laboratories. The method is equally efficient in diagnostics and in research-aimed testing. In diagnostics, Real-Time PCR is used for detection of nucleic acids originating from pathogens, malignant cells and cells with modified genome (genetic abnormalities). In research experiments, the method is suitable for monitoring of genes transcription. It is possible to monitor the expression of target genes (their changes during the experiment) along with responses of tissues and cells to pharmacological agents and changeable environmental conditions.

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