NanoCHIP®, a component on which this technology is based, is a small biocompatible silicon chip capable of fast identification and precise multiplex analysis of nucleic (DNA/RNA).

NanoCHIP® system is a multipurpose instrument used for clinical molecular diagnostics. Laboratories for clinical microbiology, genetics/cytogenetics and pathology use this platform for identification of pathogenic infections, testing of genetic disorders, determination of predispositions for various diseases and monitoring of reactions to pharmaceutical therapy.

The NanoCHIP® technology is intended for those users that require:

  • Medium-to high throughput
  • Multiplex molecular testing (over 4 markers/sample)
  • Automation
  • Simplicity
  • Full LIS connectivity

This innovative technology is suitable for both molecular laboratories in hospitals and in research and referential laboratories in the private sector.


NC 400

NanoChip® 400 analyzer (NC400) – Your System of Choice for Automated, Multiplexed Molecular Testing

  • Multiple DNA/RNA targets
  • Multiple Samples
  • Automated on One microarray


  • PCR On board allows for loading the PCR plate, reagents and cartridge. Pressing START and that’s it…you are all set!
  • Improved robotics and optical mechanism- faster cartridge initalization allowing for shorter run time
  • Very simple operation, including touch screen option
  • Up to 4 different assays in the same run and on the same cartridge
  • Automated maintenance procedure and optical normalization

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