Studies have shown that provision of “timely beginning” within the first 24 hours of narrower-spectrum therapy for gram-negative infections of bloodstream, may improve the clinical outcome, reduce the resistance rate to antibiotics and decrease the number of patients with serious consequences. Swift and accurate identification of a specific infectious pathogen is crucial for provision of early, timely and adequate therapy and thus saving of patient’s life.

AdvanDx FISH product line enables early identification of pathogens in patients with bloodstream infections. Molecular testing of positive haemocultures enables clinical microbiological laboratories to identify the pathogen in 48-73 hours faster than through conventional methods. In addition to reducing the time of pathogen identification and establishment of diagnosis, AdvanDx QuickFISH tests also reduce the time patient spends in hospital, thus simultaneously reducing the hospital costs.

dvanDx QuickFISH tests are fast and simple. Performance of a test requires 20 minutes, of which 5 minutes of manual work

With QuickFISH, results are available in just 20 minutes from the positive blood culture.

QuickFISH swiftly and precisely identifies bacteria and fungi and that several days (1-3) faster than the conventional methods. Standard methods comprise cultivation of culture, overnight incubation and phenotypic identification. The procedure may last for days, while patient is being treated empirically by application of broad spectrum therapy. Upon determination of positive haemoculture through application of QickFISH tests, specific infectious pathogen is identified in 20 minutes.

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