In addition to equipment, reagents and diagnostic means, consumable and disposable material is necessary for functioning of any laboratory and medical institution. In order to satisfy the demands and requirements of our buyers, we designed our assortment so that we can deliver the entire necessary working material at any moment – labware material, disposable plastics as well as vacuum systems for blood sampling.


Spanish company Deltalab is our long-term partner who enabled us to market the highest quality plastic products on our market. Our offer comprises:

  • Sampling kits – all types of swabs on plastic or wooden sticks, swab kits with or without transportation medium
  • Sampling containers – sterile and non-sterile containers for collections of all types of samples (urine, faeces, …);
  • Consumable and disposable medical plastics – single-use speculums, single-use pipette extensions, petri containers, sterile and non-sterile vials, various device types containers, etc…
  • Auxiliary kits – digital pipettes of various volumes and timers.
  • Wilmut System – System for economical storage of samples equipped with option of electronic memory for the stored data


“Laboratory technique Burnik” is a leading Slovenian manufacturer of vacuum tubes (vacutainers) and other accessories for in-vitro diagnostic use. The company has been present on our market for years and as such recognised as a reliable partner in laboratory diagnostics. Accessible price for top-class quality made the products of this company win over the more famous competitors and take the significant position on the domestic market.

Your reliable partner

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