Abbott is a global pharmaceutical company based in Chicago (USA). It was founded in 1888 and today employs over 90 thousand people working in over 130 countries of the world. In 2010, Abbott’s revenue amounted to USD 35 billion.

In 1985, employees of the Abbott company pioneered in developing the first licensed test to identify the HIV virus in blood. Today, besides medications, the company offers a wide spectrum of medical devices, diagnostics products and immunological tests.

Biologist Group is one of the Abbott company distributors for Serbia, and our offer thus includes medical devices from the Architect and Alinity lines intended for biochemistry and immunochemistry with all accompanying equipment and reagents.


The name Alinity is composed from ALignment. INnovation. UnITY. It represents a system of new generation composed of highly technologically designed modules optimised for diagnostics purposes and intended for use in vital laboratory disciplines. It may be said that Alinity is a diagnostics ecosystem consisting of integrated system units operational in the following fields: clinical chemistry, immunology, haematology, transfusion, and molecular diagnostics. Perfect interconnection of the Alinity components into an integrated system is provided through state-of-the-art software aimed at complete and full automatization of the Alinity system operation process.

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