About Us

Company Biologist Group Ltd. Was founded in 2010 to grow into one of the leading distribution companies in Serbia with headquarters in Belgrade. The main activities of the company are import and wholesale of laboratory equipment, consumables and disposable products, and reagents required for operation of microbiological, biochemical and PCR laboratories. We have established long-term cooperation with some of the leading global manufacturers thus creating a possibility to offer our partners a wide spectrum of various and different products at affordable prices.

Throughout the previous years we realised successful cooperation with a large number of private laboratories, but also with state institutions. We approach each buyer at individual level and we strive to meet all of the buyer’s specific demands in order to attain a long-term and stabile partnership relation.


Top products


AdvanDx FISH product line enables early identification of pathogens with patients suffering from bloodstream infections. Molecular testing of positive haemocultures facilitates laboratories to detect a…
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NanoCHIP® system is a multipurpose instrument used for clinical molecular diagnostics. Laboratories for clinical microbiology, genetics/cytogenetics and pathology utilise this platform…
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Real Time PCR

realtime polymerase chain reaction (Real-Time PCR), also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is a molecular biological laboratory technique based on the process of polymerisation of nucleic…
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Automatic nucleic acid isolation system

Euroclone Duplica Prep system is based on Euroclone technology intended for separation through use of magnetic particles. Euroclone magnetic separator is designed based on the years long…
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Quality of services

Biologist Group Ltd. operates in compliance with the highest principles of modern business. Quality of the service we provide to our associates as well as the products from our assortment comply with the highest world standards. Quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 our company acquired support the above stated.

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If you are looking for top quality products at affordable prices, efficient realisation and quick delivery – welcome!